Kansas City Corporate Challenge

Carpooling makes our region's air cleaner and healthier by reducing vehicle emissions — and it also saves you money. Your company could be crowned CARPOOL CHAMPION at the next Kansas City Corporate Challenge Awards Banquet! This challenge is a partnership between Kansas City Corporate Challenge and the Mid-America Regional Council Air Quality Program. You can carpool one mile or 100 miles. Just be sure everyone in your carpool goes to the website and logs each trip!

Log Your Miles

Your company could be crowned CARPOOL CHAMPION at the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Awards Banquet!

Participating is easy:

  1. Carpool to any Kansas City Corporate Challenge event.
  2. Log your trips. (Every person in the vehicle should log his or her trips!)

Let’s Go!

E-mail airQ@marc.org or call the MARC Air Quality Program at (816) 474-4240.


Who wins?

The company with the most carpool points at the end of the challenge will become the Kansas City Corporate Challenge CARPOOL CHAMPION and win a special prize — and bragging rights!

What counts as a carpool?

A carpool is two or more people riding in the same vehicle to any event. Yes, riding with your spouse counts! But remember, the more people in the car, the more points your company earns.

How do I log miles?

Use the form to select your company, the event to which you carpooled and the approximate number of miles you drove or rode along. BE SURE TO RECORD MILES ONE WAY, NOT ROUND TRIP.

I carpooled with someone who’s not in my area.

If you carpooled with someone who lives 9+ miles away from you, each of you logs miles based on your unique starting points. So someone traveling from Lenexa to Independence would choose the “21 to 30” mileage range, while the person they picked up in downtown Kansas City would choose the “11 to 20” mileage range.

Does each person in the carpool submit miles?

Yes! If you carpooled with five other people, each of you needs to log on and submit the miles you traveled. If only one person submits the miles they traveled in your carpool, your company will still get points … it just won’t get as many!

Can I just submit the form once for multiple events?

Unfortunately not. You need to fill out the online form EACH TIME you carpool to an event. If you carpool to both the 5K and the tug-of-war, you would visit the form twice to fill out the form separately for each event.

Will Carpool Points count toward my company’s overall KCCC points?

No. Carpool points are not added to your team’s overall points that are earned by taking part and doing well in KCCC events. Carpool points are in a separate category, but there will be Carpool Champion announced and a prize awarded at the 2015 KCCC Awards Banquet.

What if I cycled to an event?

If you rode your bike to an event, you can log your miles using the same form as carpoolers.

What do the winners of the Carpool Challenge get?

The overall winning company will win a trophy and a prize … plus a year’s worth of bragging rights!

What is the last day to submit miles for Carpool Points?

Carpool trips must be logged by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, June 28.

Other questions? Email us!